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Super Grains Super Amaranth


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Basic information

For the Incas, the amaranth was the food par excellence due to its nutritional and medicinal properties. For this reason it was venerated and played an important role at some religious ceremonies about agriculture, prosperity and fertility. After the conquest, growing amaranth was considered a sacrilege because it was linked to the deepest of pre-Columbian traditions. The crops and their use were forbidden. But despite that, some brave farmers saved it from extinction.

Seasonal availability

Harvest: from the fifth to seventh month.

Human health benefits

- Due to its high amount of amino acids, especially lysine, it favors the development of the brain and is indicated in pregnant women and infants diet.

- Provides calcium, phosphorus and iron for our teeth bones and blood.

- Calms rheumatic pains and excessive menstruation.

- The infusion obtained from the stem acts like a powerful laxative.


Nutritional value

Componentes / Components Por 100g /
Per 100g
Proteína Protein 12,9 g
Calcio Calcium 247 g
Fósforo Phosphorus 500 mg
Hierro Iron 3.4 mg
Ceniza Ash 2,5 g
Grasa Fat 7,2 g
Fibra Fiber 6,7 g
Carbohidratos Carbohydrates 65,1 g
Humedad Humidity 12,3 %
Valor energético Energy Value 358 kcal
Tiamina Thiamine 0,14 mg
Riboflavina Rivoflavin 0,32 mg
Niacina Niacin 1,0 mg
Vitamina C Vitamin C 3,0 mg

Geographical distribution