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Super Grains Super Brazil Nut

Brazil Nut

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Basic information

The Brazil nut tree, one of the biggest in the Amazon, which can reach up to the 50m (164ft) of height, could tell us stories of more than a thousand years. The indisputable king of the forest vegetation possesses a treasure in shape of wood pills, storing a source of wealth for the palate and body. The Brazil nut, a delicious and healthy dried fruit, full of energy, fiber and protein without calories, is one of the main ingredients for newborns and kids foods.

Seasonal availability

Harvest: after 12 to 15 years, and annual harvests after that.

Human health benefits

- It is considered an energy food due to its high amount of carbs.

- Maintains balanced sugar levels and suppresses the apetite.

- Helps the protein synthesis.

- Helps to control hypertension.

>Brazil Nut

Nutritional value

Componentes / Components Por 100g /
Per 100g
Agua Water 48,6 g
Calorías Calorie 213 kcal
Grasa Fat 2,26 g
Proteína Protein 2,42 g
Carbohidratos Carbohydrates 45,54 g
Fibra Fiber 8,1 g
Potasio Potassium 518 g
Fósforo Phosphorus 93 mg
Hierro Iron 1,01 mg
Sodio Sodium 3 mg
Magnesio Magnesium 33 mg
Por 100g /
Per 100g
Calcio Calcium 27 mg
Cobre Copper 0,44 mg
Zinc Zinc 0,42 mg
Manganeso Manganese 10,95 mcg
Vitamina C Vitamin C 43 mg
Vitamina A Vitamin A 28 UI
Vitamina B1 Vitamin B1 0,238 mg
Vitamina B2 Vitamin B2 0,168 mg
Vitamina B3 Vitamin B3 1,179 mg
Vitamina B6 Vitamin B6 0,376 mg
Acido fólico Folic acid 62 mcg

Geographical distribution